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Futurera is a portal which takes the students on a journey to their destination of career. The structure of Futurera is designed in such a way that it contributes to the enhancement of knowledge and skills, choosing the road to a student’s career and provides the students with practical exposure and in hand experience to the reality of work fields along with school learning. Futurera provides counselling sessions for students in high school and higher secondary school and also provide students a complete schedule necessary for their career growth. Also,internships for students in higher secondary at reputed firms are provided by Futurera to gain experience in work fields at an early age. It provides an opportunity to students to work with expertise and professionals to understand the work they are willing to pursue their career in. Futurera train the students in the right path to their dreams.It makes students put their efforts in the right direction. The students connected with Futurera have to undergoBPT(BABA Performance Test),so as to check the intellectual and psychological knowledge of the students


Connecting with students and guiding them in each and every step of staircase of their career.

Come and join with us to explore a new world of education