Personality Development Programme

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Categories Personality
  • Duration 25h
  • Last Update October 21, 2020


1.Personality type,what is your personality?
Who you are,what is your IQ ,your EQ and what kind of person you are?

2.Intra Personal Skills
*Self Discovering
*Who you are?
*Questioning your exsistence?
*Why you are like that?
*What are your goals ?
*What is the purpose of your life?

3.Inter Personal Skills

How to interact with people and deal with them.
How to communicate with people of different ages?

4.Presentation Skills
How to make presentations,how to present yourself in front of others.

5.Body Language
6.Etiquette and Manners
7.Offline Training.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improvement in Body language
  • InterPersonal Skills
  • IntraPersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills etc