• Course level: Intermediate

Topics for this course


Identity Access Management?

1. IAM – Account Management a) Managing the credentials for your AWS account b) Password Policy and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) 2. IAM Users and Group a) Fundamental of IAM and AWS account management b) Root Account vs Power user c) Default Permissions for a new user d) Usage of Access key Id and how it differs from account login credentials 3. Policy Document a) Format of Policy Document b) Understanding JSON structure 4. Roles a) Creation of a role b) Relationship with policy document c) Types: Service Roles, Cross Account Access and Identity Provider Access 5. Cognito a) Managing User Pools b) Managing Identity Pools

Simple Storage Service (S3)?

1. Storage Tier and Classes 2. Use cases for Standard S3, S3-IA and Glacier 3. Size limitations, availability and durability numbers 4. Namespace and URL of a bucket 5. Static website hosting topics 2. Access Control a) Difference between bucket and user policies b) Usage of access control lists (ACLs) 3. Versioning and Lifecycle Management a) Object size and transition duration limitations b) Cross region replication

Other Storage and Content Delivery Topics?

1. Cloud Front a) Origin Types b) Difference between Web and RTMP distribution c) Geo restriction features d) Time To Live (TTL) e) Using Signed URL 2. Import and Export a) Snowball 3. Storage Gateway a) Gateway-cached Volumes b) Gateway-stored Volumes c) Gateway-virtual Tape Library

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon Route 53 (DNS)

Amazon Database Services

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Application Services

Serverless Architecture

Monitoring and Governance Services