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We provide always our best services for students and always try to achieve our student' trust

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We provide always our best services for our students and try to achieve our student' trust

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We provide always our best services for our dtudents and try to achieve our student' trust

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Want to be mentored and move each step in your career as per your own mental strength? Take our BPT(BABA’S PERFORMANCE TEST), choose the right direction,take right step and you’re done. BPT scrutinizes your psychological and emotional intelligence to guide the career direction, courses and institutes which suits best to your capabilities. We help you choose the path best for you and provide you with a range of high quality services for making lucrative your future era.

Different batches for different perspectives

Capability of tackling hurdles

Understanding perspective towards different situations

  • Know about your career from scratch
  • Learn the trending and growing professions
  • Assess yourself
  • Choose your Career
  • Move on the right path to career


  • Know your career
  • Session with expert
  • Talk with Baba

Choose the best career and best course as per your level of emotional and psychological intelligence

Futurera believes in making a long term connection with students where students at any point on their way to career can be provided with guidance

Gain practical experience to work fields through our internship programs

Is dancing your passion ? or Sports? or Aerobics?Designing? Yoga? Music? photography?Or something else? Then tell us and live your passion with us by joining our eminent trainings by our eminent trainers.

Come and join with us to explore a new world of education